Not Just taking them to the police station

3 years agoopen1

I guess this would come out at the end of the game or has a DLC. My idea was once someone get taken into the police station there could be a max number like 20 and then you going to have to organise prison transport to a prison for you to be able to take on more prison. This mean you could also add ambitous,Prison break,drug smuggling,riots, for the prison. The prison would only be to drop off and that the end of what you need to do. but as I said you could add lots of calls what come with that. Maybe even add high risk prison transport for more then one with escort. Also one more idea is same kind of idea but add a hospital so when a robbery suspect get hurt you will have to escort the ambulance maybe with one cop in the back and one in the police car. Of course you wouldn’t have to do more then at when you get to hospital but you could add more such ass when a certain time has be reach they need transport from the hospital to prison or police station. Please let me know what you think thanks.