Patrol areas should overlap

3 years agoopen0

Currently, a given residence/building is color coded to belong to a single patrol. I don’t think that is how you want to do it.
You plan out patrols to create patrol routes for your officers and emphasis on areas.
It is a bit weird now because buildings are either in one patrol or another patrol.
I think patrols should emphasize road instead of building. So that you create loops/paths for your officers and they are assumed to keep an eye on buildings as they do so. Maybe you can have roads AND points-of-interest.
But the current implementation that the buildings in a street shared between two patrols must belong to either one or the other patrol doesn’t make sense.
As the game progresses, I think a common tool will be to put hot areas in the border between two patrols so that both patrols will create an emphasis on that area. IE, they will SHARE an area.