Public relations

3 years agoopen1

Public relations is very important in police work. How do you protect someone who doesn’t trust you ?

I’ve seen on the very first trailer of KTP something called “Fear of the police”, and i think we can go deeper than just “fear”.

Depending on the player or his/her officers’ actions, the opinion of the public will change for the better or the worse, and will influence the rest of the game.

If relations are natural then the citizens will just mind their own business and will not interfere with the police.

During an arrest or other scenes, some bystanders may stop and observe what’s going on, some may start recording with a phone.

When approached by officers officers, citizen will act normal, obey simple orders but may question them.

If relations are good, then citizens will be more keen on interacting with the police, some good Samaritan may come and help the police.

When a criminal is arrested, bystanders may cheer and congratulate the officers.

When approached by officers, citizen will be friendly and honest. They will comply with the orders.

If relations are bad, then citizens will not approach the police or may make their job harder.

If an officer tries to arrest someone a crowd may form shouting at the police, or even attack them.

When approached by officers, citizens will be hostile or fearful and will refuse to cooperate.

There should also be different groups composing your community with different views and needs.

(Childs / Teens / Elders / Family members / Poor / Rich / Black / Asian / Spanish / Pro-cop / Liberal…)

Yough Childrens may wave at a passing patrol car while the poor may bad mouth your LEOs.

You got something else to add ? Be my guest.