Specialized Units

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With most smaller agencies, most specialized units are not full time positions. In my agency for example, 107 sworn positions, our SWAT team is a part time gig. Every member of our team has a full time position in another function. I for example am a Patrol Officer, we have others that are detectives in CID and detectives in Narcotics. Being part-time SWAT means we have designated training days that take away from our normal job as well as call outs/warrant services that also take away from that. All members of the team are expected to be at these events regardless of what shift you work. I think this should be emulated especially since most agencies work under this model with the exception of very large cities. I also mentioned in another comment but some specialized units would benefit from have multiple agencies working together. For instance we are a joint SWAT team with our PD and the SO. This is important especially for SWAT as it takes a lot of manpower to effectively deal with a SWAT situation.

Also, yes, SWAT guys can be nerds.