Suggestions for riot/demonstrations


Hooligans: that wants to / or tries to find other holigans to fight with, may turn there aggressions towards the police.
Sometimes they also just wants to hang out and drink beer.
Black bloc: a tactic used in demonstrations where the protesters are more aggressive. Some or all protesters wheres black clothing, some got improvised shields, some got helmets on, some might have clubs, bottles and stones can be hurled at the police, molotovcocktails are also used. Lastly a banner will be carried at the front of the demonstraion.
Union people: usually a peacefull demonstration, but some protesters can turn violent.
Criminal gangs: looting and destroying an area, usually a poorer area where they live. They want to fight the police too, often disguised, and sometimes throws or fires fireworks at the police, stones are also used, in rare occasions firearms are also used against the police.