Alpha Team Gold members make the biggest contribution to Keep the Peace and its development, and get access to the most exclusive rewards, including having your to even more rewards, including having a caricature of your face modeled into the game, and lifetime access to any future games made by Deliberative Entertainment. The full list of rewards include:

  • Play prototype/alpha versions of the game
  • Digital download of the final version once complete
  • Access to private Alpha Team discussion forums
  • Access to our official feature request system
  • Access to view inside our project management system
  • Recognition badges in the forums
  • $50 credit + 20% discount on merchandise (coming soon)
  • Lifetime access to any expansions/DLCs made for Keep the Peace
  • Your name in the game’s credits
  • Your name in the game itself
  • Physical collector’s edition of the game upon its release
  • A caricature of your face modeled into the game
  • Lifetime Deliberative Entertainment games

[9/01/2022] Alpha Team registration is currently unavailable.

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