Alpha Team Silver members are passionate about making Keep the Peace come to life, and through a more substantial pledge they make a significant impact on our development of the game. As a Silver member, your pledge will directly support the game’s development, and you’ll get access to even more rewards, including:

  • Play prototype/alpha versions of the game
  • Digital download of the final version once complete
  • Access to private Alpha Team discussion forums
  • Access to our official feature request system
  • Access to view inside our project management system
  • Recognition badges in the forums
  • $25 credit + 10% discount on merchandise (coming soon)
  • Lifetime access to any expansions/DLCs made for Keep the Peace
  • Your name in the game’s credits
  • Your name in the game itself
  • Physical collector’s edition of the game upon its release

[9/01/2022] Alpha Team registration is currently unavailable.

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